Stress and pain are often deeply connected!. Many people who suffer from unexplained chronic pain find that they are in the midst of huge amounts of stress in their lives., whether it is pressure from home, work, money, or relationships.

The truth is, stress can be at the root of headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder and muscle aches, stomach pain and all manner of problems. We at Beacon Chiropractic in Saint Helens, OR may help you discover the actual cause of your pain.  We have some specialized testing that shows us how stressed your nerves are.

Besides pain, manifestations of stress may be restless  sleep, fatigue,  inability to concentrate or focus, stomach-related issues (from pain to overeating to poor food choices), irritability, and mood swings.  Every one of these stress-related conditions can, in some way, contribute to the development and worsening of pain in the body. A

Managing Stress often begins with managing your spinal health (nerves) to take the stress off your body and its organs.  Then you can help alleviate stress with exercise and meditation/prayer.  Plan on giving yourself 15 or more minutes just to yourself every day.    Don’t tell yourself that you don’t have the time, and don’t let it become another stressor. Just make the time and do it!  Don’t ever be afraid to take time away. Whether it’s a vacation, a long weekend, or just a few hours a week in a room by yourself pursuing a hobby, you’re entitled to some “you” time, even if you have a family to take care of. In fact, it’ll be better for them as well!

Visit Your Chiropractor in St Helens, OR often to help your body get free of subluxations (nerve interferences) and stay on the road to health and wellness.  Not only can Dr. Kevin at Beacon Chiropractic  adjust the subluxations in your spine that could be making your pain worse, he can give you advice on nutrition, healthy living and stress management .  Dr. Kevin is the author of the book TEN KEYS TO HEALTHY LIVING, so he has plenty of insight to help you.  He was named a TOP DOC for 2018.  and has been in practice for 25 years.  Give him a call at (503) 397-4000.

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