Dr. Kevin

Dr. Kevin was born outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland is a big sports town and he still maintains his allegiance to those teams and for Ohio State on the collegiate level.

After graduating from Grove City College, he programmed computers for 10 years in Ohio, California, and Oregon. He met his wife Shelly while in Los Angeles and moved to the Northwest to be near her family and start his own family. He has 3 daughters, the two oldest are married and have young children, his youngest works in daycare.

His family has enjoyed hosting girls from China, Turkey, Brazil, Norway, and Italy and the cross-culture experience it brought them. All 5 family members have kept in touch with many of these girls and following their career paths.

After hurting his shoulder playing softball, he went to a chiropractor. He was amazed that the doctor could fix him up without drugs and prompted his career change to Chiropractic.

For the past 13 years, Dr. Kevin has been a guest lecturer at the Anatomy and Physiology class at a local high school. He enjoys working out, reading, traveling, hiking, and camping and the mental challenges of Suduko, Kakuro, and Mensa puzzles.

Dr. Kevin is the author of the book, “Ten Keys to Healthy Living”. One chapter in the book is devoted to the power of the brain and nervous system to control every cell, tissue, and organ in your body, including your muscles, glands, and immune system. If you are able to keep your spine and nervous system in optimal shape, you have the potential for achieving optimum health and well-being.

Dr. Kevin has been an active member of the St. Helens community since 1995. He has owned and Operated Wellspring Chiropractic and now Beacon Chiropractic