Dr. Kevin carries a level of compassion, consideration, and knowledge that I have never had from any other chiropractor in the area. I also need to mention that the adjustments he performs are always the best ad helpful to me even on my worst days. I’ve learned from Dr. Kevin as long as I am routinely performing his care plan I continue to improve. Thank you Dr. Kevin!
Jared Dallman
Ahmed Abousamra reviewed Beacon Chiro — 5/5 stars

“I had a great experience with Dr. Kevin. I was actively doing work around the house and yard for several weekends and apparently did some wrong move that one morning woke up finding it hard to walk or go up and down the stairs. My left knee was swollen and numb and there was acute pain in my left thigh and hip. This is when I had my first visit to a chiropractor and Dr. Kevin made a world of a difference. He listened to my complaints, did adjustments that brought pain relief — although pain does come back again — but with 2 visits a week I started to feel better. After a month I was going only once a week. There was great improvement, knee swelling and numbness went down a lot but I still couldn’t do squats as I felt pain in my left thigh and was still having difficulty going up and down the stairs. Dr. Kevin suggested stretching exercises that simply did the trick. I now go to chiropractic once a week and adjustments are much easier, I can walk normally with no problem going up and down the stairs. It’s a great improvement from where I started.
In summary, I’m very thankful I met Dr. Kevin when I did, he did me a great service, and he is very pleasant person and I highly recommend him.”

Alex Lee reviewed Beacon Chiro — 5/5 stars

“Dr. Kevin’s adjustments always fix and relieve my pain and his adjustments seem to last longer than other chiropractors I’ve been to. He’s always kind, courteous, and always makes sure all my pain points are adjusted.
I like how he asks about the pain I’ve had on my previous visit and if they are doing any better. His sense of humor and bright personality made it easy to become acquainted with him right away.
Give Dr. Kevin a try and you wont regret it! :)”